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Ron Baumber Press

Here what some folks have said over time. Thanks to Steph Beatson for the great interview.

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Music is never a solo event. It involves so many people from musicians to family and friends. This page is dedicated to all those...

About Me

Ron Baumber – Singer Songwriter
After decades Ron Baumber’s first album “China Doll “is still a treasured collectors item the world over. For these new recordings – Ron has teamed up with veteran musician / producer Brian Gagnon ( Eileen ) Shania Twain , ) to create some unforgettable rocking tracks . Distributed internationally by UMA@ San Fransico( Chance the Rapper). Ron is available and streaming on literally every major service on the planet even obtaining a release in China. Ron worked on many major projects like the Multi Platinum “ Rodeo Song”, Juno winning “Eddie Schwartz” and Mega Super Star Ronnie Spector ( Say Good Bye to Hollywood, The Ronettes, Eddie Money ).
Here’s a link to many of my past projects that I’m very proud of :
Have a listen to his songs and I’m sure you’ll agree these tracks are an amazing add to all your play lists.

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Photo’s By Patricia Toth, Terry Debono, Alan Mckinlay
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