Music is never a solo event. It involves so many people from musicians to family and friends. This page is dedicated to all those who were involved.  

Susann Ranger

Susann Ranger Painter / Artist / Designer Click the picture for more info

Josh Ranger

J.H. Ranger Artworks

Josh Ranger Engraver / Artist/ Musician Click the picture for more information

Brian Gagnon

Musician/ Writer / Producer

Brian Gagnon Master Musician / Producer / Writer and great Guy

Brian has credits as long as your arm both as a music and a producer. Working out of Harlow Sound in North York, Ontario, Canada

He had recorded , produced , performed on many many recordings.

  • Shania Twain – Early years
  • The Hunt
  • Rumble Seat
  • Frozen Ghost
  • Sheriiff
  • Frank Soda
  • Mark Pettigrew
  • Wilson Daniels
  • Charissa
  • and many many more




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